Tefelo's story

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It is not everyone who can stay calm and poised when planning everything from A to Z for a corporate client’s huge event. But Tefelo Rakua can.

Tefelo (32) is part of the Fusion Travel & Tours team who does corporate events, conferences and incentives for big clients like Volvo and UD Trucks.

Without breaking even a sweat, she looks as if she just walked out of a salon, fashionably dressed with beautiful shoes and completely in control of every detail of the current event. How does she make it look so easy?

“We try so hard to avoid failure, but failure is the real evidence that we’ve tried,” she explains. “If you avoid failure, you avoid taking action.”

These wise words have stuck with the girl from QwaQwa in the Free State, when she was still dreaming about travelling the world by reading about it.

“Reading opens doors that allows in more light,” she says about her favourite pastime.

And since she loved travelling and “exploration is the essence of the human spirit” it was no surprise that she went on to study tourism after school.

She started working and was later on referred by a colleague to Fusion. “…And here I am,” she smiles. “The best part of doing what I do is not only delivering a great event but exceeding the client’s expectations.”

After a long, but successful project she enjoys nothing more than spending time with her family where she is at her happiest. And of course, eating Woolies Tin Roof ice cream.

The seemingly perfect Tefelo does have one strange habit though: “I cannot fall asleep if the bedroom door is open.”

Probably to keep her dreams safely inside!

By Fusion Travel & Tours