Why incentive travel works

- After all, motivated teams are the key to any successful business

To understand the benefits of a travel incentive program, it’s first important to know that most travel incentive programs pay for themselves through increased productivity, sales increases, staff and client retention.


Incentive travel instils a feeling of healthy competition among colleagues. They strive to work harder and better in order to meet their targets and earn their spot on the incentive travel trip.


Travel is a highly cost-effective incentive. In fact, it is much better than offering money as incentive and offers greater value in terms of benefits to your team and the business.


Through inspiring and motivating your personnel, you can easily achieve your sales targets or simply reward and encourage exceptional work.


When you reward your top performers, you are making them happy. This encourages dedication and loyalty to the company or brand.


Incentive travel tends to hone a stronger team relationship.  When a group travels together, they share their memories and adventures together. This helps them to bond better and build stronger relationships.


Travel is a big relief from stress for your deserving staff. Some time away from work will help to relax and re-energize them - boosting creativity.


Going out to travel helps to enhance the physical and mental health of anyone. This means a healthy team who will take fewer sick leave and give a 100 % effort daily.


Your employees are your brand ambassadors and incentive travel will make them happy. They would rave about their travel experiences to their friends and family and even share their experiences on social media. This would help to build a positive image about your company.


It is much better to offer travel as incentive rather than money. This is because cash gets spent on paying household bills or buying household goods. The recollections of a fantastic trip will last much longer than a cash bonus, fostering feelings of gratitude towards the company.


Incentive travel is something that is made-to-order.  Thus, any company (big or small businesses) can offer these incentives. No matter what budget you have, there can be a travel incentive planned for it.





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