Re-imagine the conference – how do you see your next conference?


We are all human beings and digital life will never fully replace personal interaction.   Whether planning a conference, meeting or any other event, any company will have to implement a few extra steps to ensure the health and safety of all the delegates, as well as the organisers and venue staff.

Some things that we may have to get used to soon, and that may become the norm are:

  • Larger venues to accommodate social distancing seating
  • Temperatures checked before entering the conference venue
  • Livestream sessions for those unable to travel and to keep the event financially viable
  • No personal contact rule – and absolutely no hand shaking
  • Contactless transactions – no printed hand-outs
  • No item sharing e.g. notebooks, water bottles etc.
  • Create a face mask rule and perhaps use the opportunity to supply branded masks
  • Pre-packaged, instead of finger snacks
  • Consider adjusting the breaktime rules to have less people queue for a bathroom
  • Change the common gathering areas to more than one
  • Set up a hand sanitation station

Ultimately, a lot will depend on every delegate, organisers and venue staff complying with these rules. We all need to demonstrate that we can balance the need to meet face to face and interaction with a real awareness of maintaining safe practices for everyone.