5 Key benefits of hiring an event planner

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More often than not I hear the question, why should I hire an event planner when I can do it myself? Well, the answer is simple! What do you want to achieve from your event and can you deliver that?

Event Planners are professionals who are skilled in the coordination, logistics and management of all aspects of professional, leisure, entertainment or recreational events (depending on their area of expertise). Venue selection, budgeting, event marketing, publicity, vendor coordination, transportation, accommodation, floor management, red carpet, creative design & décor, stage set-up, AV and production etc. are just a few of the aspects of an event which an event planner is tasked with managing.

While I agree, there are some extremely organised people out there with an eye for detail, and creative flair, who may manage to pull it off, there are a number of things you need to consider when choosing to do it yourself.

Here are the main benefits of using a Professional Event Planner.

1. Cost

Most people assume that by planning an event themselves they will cut costs and save money; usually, this is because they have concluded that an event coordinators/planners time is not free and they are very expensive. However, there is more to consider than the initial cost. Event coordinators/planners have often built trusted and lasting relationships with venues, vendors, speakers and other suppliers, required to make your event a success. Event Planners are privy to discounts and special offers that are not always available to the general public because of these relationships. Professional event coordinators also have vast experience when it comes to areas where costs can be cut, therefore actually saving a client money.

2. Knowledge and Experience

Over time, Event Planners gain extensive knowledge and wisdom regarding events and parties; they know the latest trends, newest venues, the hot colours, budget-saving secrets and details that you may not be aware of if you plan only one or two events annually. As well as having the experience and knowledge of how to organise an event, an event coordinator will have built up a large network of trusted local vendors and suppliers. It is unlikely they will struggle to find the right supplier for any type of event. They will complete a risk analysis and will know the areas that bring the highest risk to an event going wrong. They will also know exactly what to do to mitigate these risks to prevent them even happening.

3. Time

Choosing to plan your event at first might seem easy; you have this go-getter attitude “how hard can it really be” but you find out quickly, in the time leading up to any event there are many tasks that need to be completed, confirmed or checked, to ensure the event is delivered on time and within budget. Planning a do it yourself event can be difficult to manage when you are juggling a full-time job and personal commitments at the same time. Then before you know it your stress levels start to multiply. A professional event planner will be dedicated to ensuring the event is delivered on time, and within budget, after all, that is their job.

4. Marketing the Event

For social events, such as weddings, or birthday parties, there is no need to be concerned about marketing the event. For a larger event, perhaps a corporate event promoting a new product, or a non-profit gala where the goal of the event is to raise awareness, a guest list is a lot different. In these cases, there is every need to ensure that the event is marketed effectively to ensure that your desired guests actually turn up. A professional event coordinator will have the relevant tools, knowledge and networks to ensure the event is a roaring success.

Then there is this…

5. Stress-free

This is possibly the most important area. A professional event manager will take away all the stress and headaches that come with planning an event, meaning your only job the day of your event and leading up to the day of your event, is to sit back and enjoy the event. An event planners organisational skills ensure that your event timeline is distributed to all vendors assisting with your event and that it is followed, trust the experts.

At the end of the day, the right planner will serve as an extension of you. They do all the “heavy-lifting” so that you can be a guest at your event or outing and provide you with the opportunity to network effectively to make a favourable impression that will long be remembered by your guests.

First published by the Event Group Houston on LinkedIn.com