Anél's story

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When you grow up knowing exactly what you want to do, it is no wonder you do it in an exceptional way.

“The best part of my job is getting good feedback from clients after their trips,” says Anél van Schalkwyk, the Leisure Consultant for Fusion Travel & Tours. “As the only tangible things you have to show after your holiday is your photos and some souvenirs, the emotional side is so important. When my clients are happy and satisfied with the trip we booked… a job well done… it really is the best part of my day.”

Anél (26) knew she wanted to work in tourism all her life. While studying Tourism Management, she started working at a guest house to get a feel for the industry. The experience helped her when she applied for a position as a travel agent.

“I’m as happy as can be, realising the dreams of my leisure clients,” she says. “But I don’t take anything for granted. I am very grateful for everything I have.”

Travelling is one of the things Anél is grateful for. But just because she is a leisure consultant does not mean she only takes luxurious trips and stays in five-star hotels.

“I love discovering new places,” she says. “I love to just get into my car and go spend a weekend somewhere I have not been to yet. And then, to find all the shops and restaurants! I really love exploring.”

Trying out new restaurants and cuisine – except for spicy food – is one of her favourite pastimes. Along with music.

“Music is just one of those types of things that bring people together. No matter what the culture or the country you live in, it always seems to create a bond.”

Anél shares a special bond with her little Toypom called Coco.

“He is such a happy-go-lucky type of dog,” she says of him. “It is pure joy waking up in the morning and seeing him at my bedside, so happy to see me. And when I get home after work, no matter how tough my day was, he always brings a smile to my face.”

Just like she brings a smile to her clients.